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Dental implants with immediate loading



The advantages of immediate load implants:

The denture made by the technician will be stuck in 6 workdays, in this way we can avoid the 3-6 months, sometimes 1 year-long healing period, which is necessary by using the conventional implants
The costs of the treatment is lower, because this system has lower material costs
The patient receives fix denture immediate in contrast with the conventional implants
We can undertake patients, who are not suitable to have conventional implants
Lower, smaller surgical inconveniences
The implants of this system can be used in case minimal jaw-quantity, this way, the bone augmentation (which would be necessary in some cases before using conventional implants,) can be avoided. This way You can save cost, the healing period and surgical inconveniences reduce.


What is the process?

Planning phase:
Taking impression
Probe: we probe how will the new denture look like

Treatment phase (4-6 workdays)
1.day: Implantation
2.day: 1. Probe
3.day: 2. Probe
4.day: The denture is ready
5.day: Control


How are Dr. Ihde Dental implant systems different?

Nowadays, the majority of patients are aware that by dental implant we mean the replacement of teeth lost in accidents or due to a desease by positioning an artificial titanium tooth root (a screw-shaped device) into the patient’s jawbone. Although this modern technology for replacing missing teeth has existed for more than 40 years now, it has undergone changes in the past few years. Owing partly to internet, we may find more and more information on the topic, only to realise how rapidly the number of dental practitioners and clinics that offer dental implants grows. 


Today, we are able to offer 99% of the patients fixed denture in 4-6 days after the surgery.

Sooner or later we all have to face it when our dentist announces he or she can no longer save a tooth and it has to be removed. Many may have already experienced that and live with a missing tooth, or multiple missing teeth, or wear removable dentures or partial dentures (prosthetic teeth). This condition may come about at any age, not necessarily when one gets older, many dental practitioners have 20-30 year-old patients with missing teeth. So, the question arises, how is it possible to replace missing teeth?


Today, advances in medical science and dentistry have reached a level that makes dental implant (artificial tooth root) treatment to replace missing teeth a safe, routine procedure. According to the majority of dental practitioners who perform the treatment, the risks involved in the procedure need not be more than those involved with tooth extraction. Still, when their dentist mentions dental implants, many people visualize a time-consuming and expensive procedure – yet that is not necessarily the case either.

The method described below is applicable for the vast majority of patients but applicability is always carefully tested by the dental practitioner. Prior to treatment a dental panoramic x-ray image or ct-scan is enough, along with a procedure treatment plan designed by an expert, usually the dental practitioner.


Implant Supported Dentures: a Painless Solution within a Week

Minimally invasive implant surgery (or ’flapless’ implant surgery, a technical term) has been used in dentistry for over 25 years and it is a painless method causing no bleeding either. In essence, instead of creating a few incisions in the patient’s gums, the surgeon uses a circular punch to create a circular hole for the titanium bolt (artificial tooth root) in the patient’s gum tissue and the implant is screwed into the jawbone. Local anaesthetics are administered to the patient, and, in our experience, in the majority of cases once the effects of the anaesthetics have passed, no additional pain medication is necessary.


The dentist only punches a small-diameter hole through the gum tissue, thus there is no need to wait through a lengthy recovery time (3-6 months), as the new teeth fabricated by the dental technician can be fixed in place after 4-6 workdays.
The aim of the long-term temporary bridge is the strong fixation of the implants, which guarantees the gum function.
During the whole healing period (6 months), the bone level changes, therefore the change of temporary bridge is necessary in order to reach the whole comfort and aesthetic.


Our specially designed dental implants can be placed into position immediately after tooth extraction and can form units with other type of implants, or with other teeth that allow it. The result is a stable construction, which can be safely loaded immediately by our professional experts and which satisfies high aesthetic standards.

Immediate Loading Implants 

A problem dentists and dental surgeons more and more often meet is that a certain amount of patients interested in or signing up for dental implant procedures are not suitable candidates for the simple placement of artificial tooth roots. As a result of not replacing missing teeth for a long time, or due to the deterioration of bone, which is not loaded by chewing under a bridge or denture worn for decades, bone augmentation may be necessary prior to implant placement. This procedure may involve the use of synthetic bone graft material or the use of autogenous bone. In some cases bone augmentation and insertion of the implant may happen in the same time in case immediate loading, in this way we can avoid the 6-8 months long waiting period.

Should you have any further questions, we are happy to discuss them in person, and on that occasion you also receive a treatment plan. In order to book an appointment with us, please contact us.  Ezt a címet a spamrobotok ellen védjük. Engedélyezze a Javascript használatát, hogy megtekinthesse.  

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Implants with immediate loading

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