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Warranties to protect you


Needless to say, Bobdent Dental Surgery and Dental Implantology provides strict warranty protection. As a result you are perfectly safe, because in case of an unexpected event our clinic supplies you with a new denture free of charge.

Warranty work is carried out at the Budapest clinic in all cases, as that is the location where all the necessary conditions as well as a dental laboratory are given. Warranties do not include travel and accommodation costs.

Warranties for dental implants:

The success rate for implants is very high, more than 98,6%. In certain cases, however, the body rejects an implant. That depends on how sensible you are and the stability of the bone structure. In case your body rejects an implant, either you receive a second implant free of charge at our clinic or, if that is not an option, the cost of the implant is included in the price of an alternative solution.


Warranty periods for implants:

MIS (Israel) implants (material only)

             5 years        

IHDE Dental (Switzerland) implants (material only)

     5 years

Warranties for cosmetic and prosthetic procedures:

We provide full warranties for our cosmetic and prosthetic procedures.

Warranty periods for cosmetic and prosthetic procedures:

Partial dentures

                2 years

Full dentures

                1 year

   Metal-ceramic crowns, bridges     

                                   2 years                   


                2 years


                2 years

Warranties do not cover temporary bridges, crowns and dentures.


The preservation of the good condition of the dentures produced by our clinic is a joint venture. However, warranty coverage does not apply in the following situations:


  • If you do not follow the dentist’s advice on oral health and hygiene…
  • If you ignore the dentist’s instructions and advice after an operation…
  • If a dentist not employed by Bobdent Dental Surgery and Dental Implantology is also involved in preparing a denture by Bobdent Dental Surgery and Dental Implantology
  • If the implant falls out due to gum inflammation or jaw infection …
  • If you misuse the denture, disregarding the dentist’s instructions (It is dropped, placed under heavy objects…)
  • If the denture is exposed to unnatural stress while being used (For example, in case of an accident, or chewing a bone…)
  • If you suffer from a general condition or undergoing treatment that has a negative impact on the jaws and teeth (For example, a condition following diabetes, osteoporosis, epilepsy, leukemia, chemotherapy, radiotherapy…)
  • If you fail to visit our clinic for the annual dental check-up (please note that the check-up is free of charge but that does not include travel costs)
  • If you owe any amount to the clinic.

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