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Our clinic


Why would you prefer our clinic over other ones? What advantages does it bring you if you choose us?

Let us try to convince you with the following:

1. You can save a lot of money without taking unnecessary risks:

We assume you have visited our site because you are looking for a cost effective and value for money solution to your dental problems. You might be wondering whether cheaper prices mean worse quality or how it is possible to provide high-quality services at such a low price...


Hungary takes pride in the quality and level of education at the Faculty of Dentistry, Semmelweis University and in the fact that the graduates leaving university have every chance to excel in their profession at any denal clinic in the countries of the world. Professional development continues after graduation, though, given that in Hungary for dentists there is a legal requirement that they follow the latest developments in their fields and keep their knowledge up-to-date.

The suppliers of the dental materials used by Hungarian dentists are identical to those used all over Europe, so they are the same quality.

To sum up, the greatest advantage we may offer is that you may save up to 30%-60%, depending on the necessary treatment, while, at the same time, the quality of the service reaches European standards, if not beyond.


2. Safety that we can assure during your stay in Hungary:

Budapest is a safe Hungarian metropolis (the whole of Hungary is considered safe). However, not speaking the language of the country and not being familiar with the locality may cause inconvenience. In order to prevent awkward situations arising from those, we have established a ’security system’ that we have been successfully applying with Italian patients. This system allows you to feel safe and comfortable from the moment you enter the country till the moment you leave. So, let’s see in more detail what we mean by ’security system’:


  • 24-hour Customer Service: we have a 24-hour helpdesk that you can call any time of day in any situation, with speakers of English at the other end of the line, who are happy to assist you…

  • Communication: all communication with the patients is in English, this way miscommunication and misunderstandings may be avoided …

  • Safe Journey and Comfortable Accommodation: If you require our transfer service, when you arrive by plane, our driver, who speaks English, is expecting you at the airport. You are then taken to your accommodation, and from there for every treatment to the clinic, and back … Our reliable associates have a range of types of accommodation to offer that you may choose from in accordance with your preferences in location and level of comfort.

  • Step-by-step guide: You receive our quote and brochures containing useful information prior to leaving home or before you start your treatment in Hungary. This way you get detailed information on what you are about to experience, on every detail of your trip, which help you make a well-founded decision.

  • Time, which is precious: You are the centre of attention at our clinic, so there is no waiting list, we can start treatment and procedures within the shortest period of time professionally affordable. This might mean that you may do the trip and leave a week later with an enviable, radiant smile without having to experience an inconvenient change in your routine.

  • Something extra to top it all up: attention and empathy, which are valuable assets for us but not necessarily anywhere else. The amount of time we devote to making your stay comfortable is the amount of time and attention you need to receive exactly. There is no rush, we are at your disposal to discuss our quote with you and find you the optimal solution. We continuously supply you with information before, during and after treament, so you can keep everything under control.


3. Professional Dental Services and an Enviable Outcome

There is a certain risk factor that dental services involve, namely, that an exact assessment of the quality of the services can be made only after completion. We cannot change that but we can decrease the risk factor considerably, and here is why:

  •  Because every dentist employed by our clinic has years of professional experience …
  •  Because the implants and dental materials we use comply with the highest European quality standards …
  •  Because our dental laboratory has been established more than a decade ago and is equipped with the best, most up-to-date appliances...
  •  Because we are passionate about professional precision and attention to detail …
  •  Because we, like reliable Swiss watches, strive to serve our customers to their utmost satisfaction, and we do not waste anybody’s time …
  •     Because the success rate for implants is very high, more than 98,6%
  •     Because we provide guarantee protectition: the warranty period for dental implants is 5 year


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