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Payment methods and General Information


How much money  and when should I pay and to whom?

First, about our basic principles:

Payment takes places after the completion of the treatment in every case.

There are certain work phases when an advance payment is necessary but we describe that below in more detail.

Payment for dental implants and for cosmetic dental treatments:

The first amount for a dental implant treatment is due on the day of the operation. But it is not the full amount you have to pay at this point, only the price of the implants. Naturally, our patient coordinator informs you about that in detail. We only kindly ask you to have the partial amount ready at hand on the day of the operation.

In the case of cosmetic dental treatments you have to pay 50% of the total amount in advance on the day treatment begins. This is necessary because for this treatment costly dentures custom-made for you are ordered from the dental technician. The other half of the total amount is payable after completion of the treatment.


What kind of payment method suits you the best?

Of course, the simplest method is paying by cash but that may require extra effort on your part, which, if you undertake, we give you a 3% discount of the total payable amount. This does not exclude additional discounts. In addition, all through your stay in Hungary, we handle your cash responsibly, so, from a financial perspective, this sounds like the best payment option for you.

Needless to say, you may also pay by card at our clinic. We accept Mastercard, Eurocard, Visa and Visa Electron. If we use our card processing terminal there are no exchange rate risks involved.

Visa    Visaelectron

Mastercardphoto       Eurocard

May we remind you, however, that if you wish to pay by card, for safety reasons you may have to notify your home bank about a transaction in Hungary in advance. That is, you have to let them know you know about the transaction.

In order to be able to pay by card, you have to have the card and your passport or identity card with you. For safety reasons, please make a note of the contact information of your bank prior to departure and have it with you during your stay, so that if any problems should arise, we could contact your bank easily.


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