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Cosmetic Dentistry


Is  it possible to maintain aesthetic looks under heavy chewing pressures and keep  strong, stable teeth?

Bobdent Dental Surgery and Dental Implantology strives to provide patients with an equilibrium where the function of healthy teeth reaches beyond mere aesthetics and a rich social life also becomes reality. Our cosmetic implants make it possible for you to accept any dinner invitation by your friends, who will complement you on your smile. Furthermore, your strong teeth will make you  feel at ease when selecting any course on the menu.

Implant supported dentures

Do implants ruin good looks?

Solutions offered by Bobdent Dental Surgery and Dental Implantology ensure a uniquely immaculate appearance even if your teeth are attached to an implant, an artificial tooth root.


Given up-to-date methods, during recovery you receive a temporary crown or bridge, which - though  aesthetically pleasing- is not long-lasting, and you may not be able to eat freely what you wish. Once the recovery period is over, however, the crown or bridge you receive from us allows you to live without inconvenient limitations, eat whatever you may fancy and have an air of natural beauty.

Others will fail to notice that you have had to undergo a dental implant procedure.


A gentle solution, which preserves your healthy teeth, while, at the same time, lends you good looks: ceramic veneers

One major prerequisite for presenting a good appearance is a beautiful smile. Unfortunately, it often is the case that instead of flashing a perfect row of teeth when laughing, we are forced to cover our teeth with our hands, or smile with lips pressed tightly together.


Ceramic veneers may provide a solution to your problem if your front teeth, though possibly stained or have more than one filling, are otherwise stable and healthy. In this case, ceramic veneers, glued onto the surface of the tooth, restore a healthy appearance. During the procedure, the first step is to trim the front side of the teeth, about 0.5-1 mm. The procedure is painless and there is no risk that it may damage the teeth involved.

Secondly, dental putty is used to make an impression of the teeth, which serves as a basis for the custom-made, comfortable, gluable veneers constructed by a dental technician matching the natural colour variation and shape of your teeth. The outcome is glamorous teeth and a natural smile.


All-Ceramic Crowns

Metal-free crowns, an all-ceramic solution to preserve the beauty of your front incisor teeth

If you need crowns for your front incisor teeth, the best solution is metal-free, also called all-ceramic (or jacket) crowns. The crown does not turn your gums gray, they retain a healthy-looking, natural, paler look. All-ceramic crowns are 100% metal-free, they are made purely from porcelain. It is important to note that even the most aesthetic all-ceramic crown can only be supported by a healthy tooth.


The crowns are ready within a few days, so you may enjoy the comfort of well-functioning, aesthetic teeth even within a week. The crown matches the shade and shape of your natural teeth perfectly. Two major advantages are durability and a perfect value for money.

Cosmetic fillings, inlays

There may be huge differences between the quality of fillings available but you deserve the best

With the emergence of aesthetic filling materials metal (i.e. amalgam), fillings have gradually disappeared. Nowadays we offer light cure composite fillings for our patients that match the colour of their natural teeth. Cosmetic fillings are made of synthetic resin, a remarkably durable material.

The  particles harden and cure with the use of a special wave length polymer light.


Our expert selects the shade matching the colour of your natural teeth from a shade guide, or, if necessary, the original colour of the tooth is produced from a mixture of a number of shades of layers. The procedure is swift, the result is immediate, and it is painless.

What are the advantages of inlays over fillings?

If your teeth have been damaged due to tooth decay and they cannot be remedied via cosmetic light cure composite fillings, and it is not possible to restore the original shape of a tooth, you will need an inlay.

Inlays are special ceramic fillings prepared by the dental technician, which match the colour and shape of your teeth. When an inlay is placed into the cavity it is solid and the entire work lies within the cusps (bumps). The result is a filling which is long-lasting and aesthetic, hidden to the naked eye.



Fixed Crowns

Long-lasting, stable teeth with high load-bearing capacity

Metal-fused ceramic bridges, which are dentures anchored onto the neighbouring teeth,  provide a long-lasting and cost-effective solution for missing teeth.


The bridge is supported by one or two well-prepared, trimmed adjacent teeth, which are capped and serve to anchor the false tooth in place, and the bridge itself is the false tooth (the crown) replacing the missing tooth.

The bridge itself is made up of a skeleton-like metal framework and tooth-coloured, tooth-shaped ceramic layers, made by the dental technician.  This type of bridge lasts long, even up to 8-10 years.

How are metal-ceramic bridges fitted:

As a first step, after reaching an agreement on the dental procedure, with your consent your dentist prepares the teeth functioning as anchors. If they are not healthythey have to be  restored by applying a filling or root canal treatment followed by trimming if necessary

  • This is followed by the preparation of an impression of the teeth, which helps the dental technician ”see” the row of teeth of the patient. Given the impression, the metal framework is fabricated that  fits accurately on the anchors.
  • The third step is to check the fit of the metal framework.
  • The dental technician following the instructions by the dentist, prepares the ceramic layers, which resemble exactly the colour and shape of the patient’s natural teeth are  checked.
  • Finally the bridge is fabricated in the laboratory and- after a final check for its fit and bite- it is cemented into place.


Reliability and aesthetics: zirconium crowns and bridges

Zirconium is a white ceramic material with excellent tensile and breaking strength qualities.

That is the reason why it can replace the metal framework in traditional metal-ceramic dentures, thereby creating remarkably beautiful false teeth, crowns, bridges.

Zirconium-based crowns and bridges are the most durable and aesthetically pleasing dentures currently available. The white, slightly opaque zirconium framework looks practically the same as natural teeth, thereby lending zirconium-based dentures such a natural looking effect that it is almost impossible to tell a natural tooth and a zirconium tooth apart.


How are zirconium-based bridges fitted:

  • The dentist prepares the anchors and the impression, similarly to the procedure involved in preparing metal-ceramic bridges. The job of the dental technician, however, is very different from what is described above, as zirconium frameworks are fabricated from one piece using computer controlled technology (CAD/CAM technology) with very high precision. For this reason, the bridge fits the anchors perfectly.
  • Subsequently, the ceramic layer is custom-made according to the needs of the patient, similarly to the procedure with metal frameworks.

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