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Dental implants


Do you have missing teeth? Do you experience problems with your dentures? The bridge you are wearing is uncomfortable?


Dr_Orosz_Gbor-szjsebsz_szakorvosimplantolgusDental implants are meant to last long, even for a lifetime. Implant supported dentures look the same and give you the same feeling as your natural teeth. You are free to eat and drink what you may fancy, without inconveniences caused by dentures or missing teeth. Most importantly, implant supported dentures look the same and feel the same as your natural teeth.

Are you a suitable candidate for dental implants?

Implant placement can be performed under local anesthetic. Anyone who can undergo a minor surgical procedure is a suitable candidate for an  implant placement.


The implant is placed in the jaw bone. The amount of bone available in the jaw bone varies individually, therefore the placement method also varies accordingly. In general, it can be stated that both dental implant manufacturers, and dentists aim to apply the simplest and safest placement methods. For this reason, nowadays, implants for cases where there is little bone present are also safe and readily available.

The Magic World of Implants

Why do we need implants? First and foremost, because you must get your original quality of life back, in order for you to be able to smile happily and live your life without limitations, like in your younger days. The role of dental implants is to replace a missing tooth or the root of a missing tooth in the jaw. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots. For this reason, implants can replace each of the missing tooth individually, thereby restoring 100% the original function and looks of the lost natural teeth.

Dental implants make it possible to fabricate a bridge, a fixed partial denture, directly in the place of the intended tooth without having to trim the natural teeth around it.


Dental implants can restore the stability of unstable dentures. Ill-fitting rows of teeth negatively influence eating, speech production and appearance. At last, you will be able to eat, smile and laugh in any situation confidently. The implant steadily supports the denture, thereby enhancing our feeling of comfort and the life-span of our row of teeth.

Dental implants are the most popular solution for replacing missing teeth worldwide. Millions of people rely on them to have their smiles and self-confidence regained. Our specialists are happy to discuss it with you whether implants may prove the best option in your case too.

The Advantages of Implants

  • They ensure attractive looks
  • They provide a durable, long-lasting, and secure solution
  • They provide a feeling of comfort in the oral cavity
  • They prevent atrophy of the face and jaw bones
  • They protect remaining healthy natural teeth
  • They are an economical solution to replace a  missing tooth
  • There exist special methods to solve special cases.

How are implants fitted?

More and more implants are placed into jaws annually worldwide and their number is growing. They are the most popular tooth replacement method and they allow you to enhance your quality of life.

The treatment takes place at the clinic of Bobdent Dental Surgery and Dental Implantology.

The placement of a dental implant is individually planned and designed as there are no two identical jaw bones, no two identical cases.

At the precise location of the intended tooth a socket is carefully drilled and the implant is screwed into position. This way primary stability can be achieved.

Immediately after the installation of the implant a few stitches are applied to pull the gums together, which are removed after a week.

In certain cases the implant can be loaded immediately, so  it can serve to support the denture straightaway.


In other cases the final denture can be fitted after 3-6 months of osseointegration. During that period temporary partial dentures may be installed.

It is only during the first few days that one has to avoid exhausting physical activities and has to maintain a special diet. After that initial period most patients can return to normal activity and and lifestyle. In case the implants are safely in place, the crowns or dentures may be fitted onto them.  Subsequently you may return to your daily routine of maintaining oral hygiene with the help of brushing your teeth regularly and using dental floss. Also, make sure you keep the regular check-up appointments with your dentist.

If diligently maintained, your implants make it possible for you to eat, speak, restore good looks with comfort and confidence for a lifetime.

The Procedure Step-by-Step:

  1. Taking a panoramic X-ray image, a CT-scan if necessary, and a careful examination of the oral cavity, dental specialists assess the situation and decide on a treatment plan which is optimal for you with your consent
  2. On the basis of the treatment plan a detailed offer is drafted, containing the exact number and location of implants and the costs involved
  3. In order to prepare the oral cavity for the procedure you receive a dental hygiene treatment
  4. Depending on how sensitive you are, you receive the appropriate amount of anaesthetic to avoid the pain during the procedure
  5. We install the implants previously designed and consented by you
  6. The gum is stitched back over the implant and you receive the necessary medication
  7. The implant is left to heal and integrate and you receive a temporary denture to allow you to return to your normal social life during the healing period
  8. After the surgery a dental impression is prepared on the basis of which the dental laboratory fabricates a replica of the framework of the final denture
  9. The fit of the framework is checked to ensure it is perfectly convenient for you
  10. If the framework fits, the dental technician prepares the final denture, which can undergo the stress of chewing and can successfully fulfill its aesthetic function


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